Watching the live feed of the Nkandla report. Our leaders get away with murder. I understand the hatred from people towards president Zuma. I hope this report is as objective as it gets. Our current South Africa needs political reconstruction. This should adjust our economy accordingly and pave way for a brighter future.


I make no reference to any political party but particular leaders. Some of our leaders need to go and whoever is against the decision of them going, needs to go with them.

Toddler argues with mother over cupcakes; ‘Listen, listen, listen, Linda!’

This kid will sure give you a headache!


Negotiating foreign policy? Nope. Cupcakes.

This 3-year-old boy is giving it his best shot with mom, Linda Beltran, who posted this precious video on YouTube.

We can see litigation and lobbying in his future.

How could you say no to that face?

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Friendship (2-19-14)

Sam Christian

I may not say much but I can guarantee I’ll be there to listen. Understanding that though I mean well in all I can do or say the truth I carry within is all I have to offer.

I’ll love you in all your mistakes and in all your successful discoveries, I’ll bear with you through anything you might be going through, I’ll listen and I’ll hold your hand when you need the encouragement the most.

But if you ask me to speak I will only speak from my heart and if you ask me to leave I’ll give you a reason to remember me. I am not a deceiving mask luring you to the ground. I am a friend in every way a friend should be, lifting you up to face the enemies, and if you understand this then you understand you will never have to be alone.


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